A Proper Party Invitation (with silver foil)

This card, printed with shining, starry, silver foil, is the invitation for the “proper party” mentioned in this announcement for a surprise wedding that we printed earlier in the year. Silver foil looks especially great on darker stock, especially this cobalt-colored paper from Colorplan. The elegant–and really fun–evening cocktail party was not only the wedding reception for Paul and Andrea, but it was also a great way to welcome new year.

It’s safe to say that 2014 went by almost too fast. We built a new print shop (or had one built–post on that to come), moved shop with only a few days down-time, bought new presses, worked on a lot of great projects, and spent some quality time with family, friends, and customers. Every year we’re keeping these presses’ wheels turning makes me grateful to be in this business and working for all of you letterpress-lovers–so thanks again for a great year.

Silver Foil Party InvitationLetterpress Party Invitation on Blue PaperSilver Foil DetailLetterpress Party Invitation