Many ink colors made affordable: overprinting!

Letterpress printing can (usually) only run one ink color at a time. That’s what makes an invitation with multiple ink colors sometimes less than affordable: each ink color not only requires a separate run, but also a separate printing plate, more paper, more waste, more labor, etc. A handy way to get around this is to overprint two (or more) colors to achieve a third. (Remember the color wheel from elementary school?) Corinne designed her own invitations, and to get three colors of beach glass, we overprinted the aqua with the pale green to achieve a third teal-ish color, which is visible in the detail shots below. We’ll sometimes make the inks a bit transparent to enhance the overprinting. Still waiting on the perfect plaid invitation, which this technique would be perfect for!

Affordable Letterpress Wedding InvitationLetterpress Wedding Invitationletterpress wedding invitationLetterpress Wedding Invitationletterpress wedding invitation