We Love Letterpress Save-the-Dates!

Save-the-Date cards are a kind of pre-invitation to help your friends and family schedule their busy lives and make sure they carve out time (and budget) for your event. You really do need extra notice when your cousin is getting married in Italy! Send them out six months before the date, and your guests will have plenty of lead time to clear their schedules.

Theoretically, you want everyone you invite to come (it’s the people that make it fun, after all!), but life is busy, so you need to get on everyone’s calendar before they fill it up with daily life. By sending a save-the-date pre-invitation (because there will an official invitation, as soon as your printer can print it), you have both helped your event to be successful and have helped your guests schedule and manage their busy lives. They really should thank you!

(It’s easy to see why save-the-dates are so popular for all big parties and events, not just weddings. My father-in-law is turning 90 this fall and he lives in Oklahoma. After 90 years of life, he has friends and family all across the nation, so I’m going to suggest we send a┬ásave-the-date early this spring. My goal is to get as many folks from all over the country packed into the Barttelsville Lions Club as possible!)

At Thomas-Printers, we have printed a variety of save-the-dates in recent memory: for a surprise birthday party, a Concert Artists Guild event, and, of course, weddings.

What’s your next big event? And did you save the date?

Kristen + Ken Save the DateMike Luce Save the Date

carly + kyle save the date

Concert Artists Guild Save the Date

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