Letterpress Now!

Behold, our friend Jessica wrote a book!

Letterpress Now Book Cover

And not just any book, a project-based letterpress-how-to book that happens to also contain a lot of other really useful information: how to decide what kind of press you need, how to take care of it, and, most importantly, how to use it safely. The projects are all really fun and unique, and will be useful not only for beginners but also for seasoned printers who want something new to try (thaumatrope, anyone?). Our favorite bit may be in the glossary, where you can look up the definition of Printer: “A person or company that makes prints. Even if you make letterpress prints, you are a printer (not a presser). A presser removes creases from a garment.” Love it. Thanks Jessica, for an awesome book! You really should buy a copy, or enter to win one today over at Poppytalk.

And, PS, we’re in there too: